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What Our Patients Say

I’ve been a patient for over 20 years with Dr. Konicki and Dr. Schumacher. I found them when I was in so much pain I could barely move. I was dissatisfied with the advice from my doctor who repeatedly told me that regular walking would alleviate my back issues and gave me pain medication instead of treating the cause of the pain. Not once was an x-ray suggested to see if there was a reason I had recurring back pain. Dr. Konicki and Dr. Schumacher listened to me, believed that my pain was real and knew that there had to be a reason for the pain. After an x-ray and diagnosis, I was thrilled to know that there was a physical cause for my pain and that it was treatable by Chiropractic methods! After the initial treatment sessions to correct the alignment of my spine, I became a true believer in Chiropractic and I have been a very loyal once a month patient to ensure that I stayed pain free! Dr. Konicki and Dr. Schumacher successfully treated me during my two pregnancies so that I had no back pain or problems. But never in my history with them have I been more impressed with their abilities than at my last visit when I was in such great pain that I was close to tears and closely resembled Quasimodo while walking. It took Dr. Konicki only one quick look to determine that I was majorly out of alignment and that my pain was due to muscles in crisis that resulted from the misalignment! After spinal manipulation and one therapy session, I was free of pain and felt like my old self again! Never have I been more thankful or more impressed by the results that can be obtained through Chiropractic treatment!
Stella Assink March 30, 2012
I am constantly both proud and grateful to have you as a part of my health care team. You have made me a better patient in that I am more prepared to discuss my health with physicians and am more certain of the necessity to do so, On the other hand your unsurpassed quality of care has made me a pickier consumer of health care. I now expect a very high level of customer service from all of my providers.I expect to be seen at my appointment time. I expect to be treated as an intelligent adult and as a valued customer. I expect thorough and knowledgeable answers to my questions. I can now expect these things because for 15 years this is the level of care that your amazing team has given me without fail. My life is better because of you and I know of no way to express that to you other than with my unswerving respect and gratitude. Thanks for all that you do.
Michael R. Hawk March 30, 2012
I Had a pinched nerve in my lower back causing extreme pain in my right hip and into the back of my right thigh. I couldn't sit at all. I had to stand to eat, watch TV and even had to lie in the back seat of the car. Now, I have no pain whatsoever due to the great skill of Dr. Schumacher. The whole staff is wonderful! I have been to several Chiropractors as well as orthopedic physicians, but have never been as impressed with the staff and the quality of care as I am with Drs. Konicki & Schumacher
Shirley Lyttleton February 28, 2013
I work hard welding door frames. Since my treatment, I haven't missed any work and I sleep all night! This is the best I have felt in 8 years!
Ray Noble February 12, 2013
I knew your office was very capable in handling BWC claims from my wife's situation. So When I suffered an injury at work that caused pain and numbness for over a week, I KNEW I needed to come here and nowhere else! You have helped me tremendously over the past months to cope with my injury, heal the damage and get back to work. Thank you! P.S. The entire staff is great!
Mike Maloney February 28, 2013
I started to experience numbness & tingling in my hands which started hindering my work. I called Konicki Schumacher Chiropractic and they evaluated me and treated me for almost 2 months. After the first week I noticed the numbness was gone and my headaches were less frequent. I would most definitely recommend Drs. Konicki & Schumacher to anyone looking for quality Chiropractic Care.
Rachel Martin February 28, 2013