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Bend With Twist Causes Back Pain

Posted by Dr. Tom Konicki
Dr. Tom Konicki
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in Self-Care/Prevention

Don't bend and twist at the same time! I am devoting this week's article to this simple maxim.

Bending coupled with a twist is one of the most common ways I see patients hurt their own backs. It is something we do often without thinking.

A mother will reach down to pick up her toddler off to the side. Or she will put her child in a car seat, bent and twisted.

An office worker will simply reach down and twist to open a lower drawer on their desk. Surprisingly, this can cause back pain!

Your spine and pelvis carries about half your body weight. This may be less than half for women. This means there is about 75 pounds of weight for a 150 pound person.

Most people think you will only injure yourself when trying to lift something. This is not true. That 75 pounds of weight on your back is enough to cause a problem.

Your spine and pelvis were not designed to rotate and bend simultaneously. This causes extreme leverage to the low back, easily "putting your back out".

Chiropractors call these misalignments in your back "subluxations". This results in the small joints in the spine (facets) and the sacroiliac joints not operating together as they should.

The joint may be slightly out of alignment, causing pain. Sometimes, the joint simply locks up and does not move.

Most of us have heard "keep your back straight when lifting". This not only applies to the forward/backward motion, but also the side-to-side motion.

We advise patients to "move your toes and nose together". When you do this, you are almost like a robot, moving stiffly in the low back and pelvis region. It is impossible to bend and twist and move your nose and toes together at the same time.

If you do hurt yourself with a bend or twist, use ice rather than heat. Treat this much like you would a sprained ankle.

Then go to your doctor of chiropractic to treat your subluxations as you are certain to be out of alignment.

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