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Commit to Be Fit

Posted by Dr. Tom Konicki
Dr. Tom Konicki
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Question: Every New Year, I promise myself I'm going to lose weight and exercise regularly. I head to the gym, but within two or three months, I quit and never return. What suggestions do you have to stay on my program?

Answer: Unfortunately, many of us have the best of intentions and get off to a good start, only to fail within a relatively short period of time. Studies have shown that long-term weight loss is maintained with regular exercise. The benefits of exercise are so far-reaching that it is well worth your time and effort to stay on a regular exercise program. Here are a few suggestions on how to do that:

1. Pick the exercise you like. It's crucial that you enjoy what you are doing or you will soon look for excuses to avoid it and quit altogether. If you are not certain what to do, then walk for exercise. It is considered one of the best overall ways to exercise without hurting yourself. Nike is right when they say "Just Do It".

2. Commit to a regular schedule. Schedule your exercise, much the same as you would schedule any other appointment. Then keep it! The only time you cancel exercise appointment is when you are ill or have an emergency. Otherwise, do not make your exercise optional.

3. Exercise at least weekly. The best exercise schedule is 3-5 times per week. If you have missed your exercise all week, at least go out for one session. This will maintain your exercise fitness and you will not lose ground.

4. Don't skip more than two weeks of exercise. I have learned that it is very easy to get out of the habit of exercising. In the past, if I have missed more than two weeks of exercise, I am at high risk of quitting altogether. That is why doing at least weekly exercise will keep you in the habit and maintain the progress you earned.

5. Have an exercise partner. This will help keep you motivated and can keep exercise fun and interesting. Your exercise partner will help keep you on track and accountable for your schedule.

6. Check with your doctor before beginning your program.

7. You will feel better in six weeks. When my patients start an exercise program, they usually feel pretty crummy for the first two weeks. They are tired and sore and may not enjoy the activity. In the next two weeks, they get more used to the exercise and are starting to see some improvement. If they persist, by the end of six weeks they will start to actually feel better and enjoy the exercise. They will feel refreshed, have more energy, sleep better and may even start to look better. For those who stay on their program long-term, they can expect lower risk for heart attack, stroke, diabetes, hypertension and obesity. Even nagging aches and pains often disappear. When you exercise, your rewards far outweigh your efforts. In the year 2006, commit to be fit!

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Dr. Tom Konicki is a board certified chiropractic orthopedist and has practiced for many years in South Dayton. You can reach him at www.kschiro.com or mail your questions to Ask the Chiropractor, 2165 Miamisburg-Centerville Road, Dayton, Ohio 45459.

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